Ergonomic Mouse Pad Xl Mouse Pad Wrist Support Sexy Gaming Mouse Pad



【Design】 – mouse pad unique design, outstanding personality, make the desktop area more interesting, make your work more comfortable and more pleasant.

【Material】 – natural rubber base, medical silicone material Non-slip rubber ABS engineering plastic, the surface is silk, easy to clean and maintain, breathable, absorb sweat, keep your hands dry.

【Non-slip base】 – The anti-slip base prevents the mouse pad from sliding during use. It is made of high-quality super soft exterior. The gel cushion provides unparalleled quality and comfort. The perfect design of 260mm*210mm*30mm can alleviate the pain of many working hours.

【Comfort】 – This is a product that is perfect for you! Keep your wrists comfortable on the “button” gel pad instead of the hard, uncomfortable table top. This pad adjusts the wrist, arms and forearms to reduce stress on the wrist.

【Unique】 – Our production team has been producing wrist-supporting mouse pads for several years, She is unique on the entire Amazon. Your opinion is our way forward. Your satisfaction is the most important goal of my team.

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