Wow 3D Mouse Pad Silica Non-Skid Mousepad Gaming Gamer Sylvanas Wrist Gaming Mouse Pad Rest Silica



Material: Lycra Surface + Silicone + PU Bottom. Size: 10.2 x 8.4

High quality silicon tape to your real touch, to really relax the wrist,Provides soothing support while redistributing pressure points for exceptional comfort.

【COMFORTABLE】 – The soft cushion conforms to your wrist for maximum comfort and support. It reduces wrist irritation and wrist pain. Keeps your waist in a neutral position for ergonomic comfort.

The surface of the mouse pad uses Lycra fabric, which not only has good elasticity, but also has better fit, shape retention, drape, etc.; not only has the advantages of comfortable and breathable cotton fiber, but also has good elasticity and is not easily deformed by cotton. Features, softer and more comfortable.

The Sylvanas Windrunner is not the dark queen who was born or forgotten. Before her death, she was a Ranger General of Silvermoon City. Death Knight Alsace brutally killed her and her people and turned her into the first female demon.

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